What is a Business Growth Consultant?

Consultants are professionals that provide advice in a particular area that they have expertise in or with, and may also bring with them the means to implement that advice in the form of a strategy and ensure that it is executed if necessary. A lot of businesses have little spare time available or are unsure where to start with so much confusing and sometimes conflicting information available, so a consultant can bring much needed clarity and resources.

Business owners may choose to work with a consultant in preference to employing staff because it gives them access to a highly experienced individual, who is probably exposed to the latest trends and would typically command a high salary, and usually works on the basis of delivering results much the same way that a supplier would.

Allowing somebody access to your business, its staff and customers is no easy thing to do but it is essential to providing those insights that will remain hidden and elusive to just a straightforward consultation and recommendation based approach. You should also choose a professional that has real experience and knowledge in their field having cut their teeth on the front line where they have been salaried or earned a real living doing what they are advising. There are various reasons that may make you consider using such a consultant which include;

Moving the business to a new level because its stalled or stagnant.
You are struggling to turnaround the business with limited resources.
Considering a new venture into a new market and maybe a new product or service.
Either way connecting your business with new and existing customers effectively is the key to growing your business, assuming you are providing a product or service that people need or want.

How do business growth consultants operate?

A business growth consultant should help you to determine the best way of connecting your business with its chosen market using a strategy or systematic approach that is based on core principals, blended together with current trends. Understanding how things currently work in your business is the first place to start and this gives you a reference point from which you can compare the results you achieve once you have adopted new or evolved old strategies.

Being willing to embrace new ideas and make changes can be an essential part of tapping into the kind of results you want to achieve and having a system will give you a way of measuring your progress and building on your successes step by step.

Nic WIndley is a a Business Growth Development consultant operating from central England UK helping mainly SME businesses in technology and scientific led markets to develop “connected” sales and marketing strategies that help these businesses to grow by 25% to 100% or more in as little as 3 to 6 months without spending anymore on advertising.