What is a Business Growth Consultant?

Consultants are professionals that provide advice in a particular area that they have expertise in or with, and may also bring with them the means to implement that advice in the form of a strategy and ensure that it is executed if necessary. A lot of businesses have little spare time available or are unsure where to start with so much confusing and sometimes conflicting information available, so a consultant can bring much needed clarity and resources.

Business owners may choose to work with a consultant in preference to employing staff because it gives them access to a highly experienced individual, who is probably exposed to the latest trends and would typically command a high salary, and usually works on the basis of delivering results much the same way that a supplier would.

Allowing somebody access to your business, its staff and customers is no easy thing to do but it is essential to providing those insights that will remain hidden and elusive to just a straightforward consultation and recommendation based approach. You should also choose a professional that has real experience and knowledge in their field having cut their teeth on the front line where they have been salaried or earned a real living doing what they are advising. There are various reasons that may make you consider using such a consultant which include;

Moving the business to a new level because its stalled or stagnant.
You are struggling to turnaround the business with limited resources.
Considering a new venture into a new market and maybe a new product or service.
Either way connecting your business with new and existing customers effectively is the key to growing your business, assuming you are providing a product or service that people need or want.

How do business growth consultants operate?

A business growth consultant should help you to determine the best way of connecting your business with its chosen market using a strategy or systematic approach that is based on core principals, blended together with current trends. Understanding how things currently work in your business is the first place to start and this gives you a reference point from which you can compare the results you achieve once you have adopted new or evolved old strategies.

Being willing to embrace new ideas and make changes can be an essential part of tapping into the kind of results you want to achieve and having a system will give you a way of measuring your progress and building on your successes step by step.

Nic WIndley is a a Business Growth Development consultant operating from central England UK helping mainly SME businesses in technology and scientific led markets to develop “connected” sales and marketing strategies that help these businesses to grow by 25% to 100% or more in as little as 3 to 6 months without spending anymore on advertising.

Choose the Right SEO Consultant to Improve Trade

Marketing through Internet has become the order of the day. Almost all types of products and traders, however small or big the volume of his trade is, look to Internet as a means to advertise and trade. But, trading or advertising on the Internet involves creating a website, a blog and this work is totally different from advertising through print or any other media. Creating a web requires the help of a web designer, who is technically qualified in the field. After creating the web and before it is loaded, it should be scrutinized by a professional SEO consultant.

What is the job of an SEO consultant?

Considering the number of websites now on the Internet, however much attractive the web is, it is not certain that it will be visited by any surfer. In this situation, it is possible that the surfer may not even be aware of the existence of the particular web or blog. Now, the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) consultant comes into picture and he builds the links so that the website gets the due identification. Apart from choosing the right keywords, he also builds a perfect and strong link so that the website comes to the forefront.

How to choose the SEO Consultant?

Experience: Before choosing an SEO, assess his portfolio. It will be much better if he is experienced in SEO of similar products. By this, he will understand the market much more easily.

The SEO consultant must be confident: Some of the SEO consultants assure quick improvement in the rate of clicking. This can be misleading because no website however much artistically crafted, can become popular in a very short period of time. In other words, such assurances on the part of the SEO consultant cannot be relied upon and will not be the right selection.

Type of support: Some SEOs offer support till such time that the web is loaded. There are instances that after it is loaded some errors may appear. Some links may get disconnected. In such a situation, the web will not serve any purpose. Therefore, even though some SEOs assure that the web will be self-operational, they must be ready and willing to be on the job even after it is loaded.

Improvements: Here also the involvement of SEO will be necessary even after the web is loaded. Many times, the website may need changes. It could be a change of keywords or description, introduction of new video, graphs, design etc. A new product may be introduced or design of the existing product may change. In all these circumstances, the web content will undergo changes. Here again the SEO consultant comes into the picture. He has to ensure that in such a situation he would take to re-optimize the web after effecting necessary changes.

Effective PPC: The purpose of web is achieved with the best PPC. Many SEO companies also provide enough support to regulate the PPC and advise the trader in this regard. The consultants also advise the trader on copyright. He monitors the positive clicks and advises the trader on ways to improve his business.

The Importance of Pharmaceutical Consultancy

In a field so highly regulated and inspected as the pharmaceutical industry, companies large and small can often benefit from the advice of experts. A good pharmaceutical consultancy can provide expert advice and insight on many of the most important matters and issues within the industry.

Many companies, particularly smaller ones are less than inclined to spend a great deal of money on pharmaceutical consultancy, but there are benefits to paying a for the experts. Typically, pharmaceutical companies face a myriad of issues and potential problems every day. All management systems must comply with the most stringent of regulations, as should any automated control systems. Equally, facilities design and management in the industry is far from uncomplicated.

Often, the implementation of procedures and management systems can be incredibly costly, but the vast wealth of experience of a pharmaceutical consultant will bring ideas to reduce costs, without compromising on safety. A pharmaceutical consultancy can help, too, if problems have already occurred. The consultant will be ready with advice for such situations as negative inspection reports or warning letters; enabling pharmaceutical companies to quickly bring standards back up and avoid any financial loss.

As well as standard business advice on the smooth running of the company and cost effective measures, pharmaceutical consultancies bring a wealth of invaluable specialist knowledge including microbiological advice and advice on water systems and autoclaving.

Ultimately, although there will always be companies who claim to be unable to justify the expense of asking the experts, employing the services of a pharmaceutical consultancy will almost certainly be of some benefit to pharmaceutical companies. The services provided by the consultancy could well protect companies’ futures by pre-empting negative inspection reports and safeguarding employees and the public. Even companies who believe they are 100% compliant and safe are likely to benefit financially from the advice of a pharmaceutical consultancy.

When it Comes to Reliability, The SEO Consultants Never Let You Down

When it comes to certain things associated with the internet, the SEO consultants come across as a great helping hand. They are the professionals who help you in the analysing the present situation of the competitive world that you are about to step in. A detail layout is prepared right from the creation of the website, content and the key words; they take the charge to fulfill your purpose in the industry.

And even when you have a website in hand, the SEO consultants check upon the details of it and they could be the best source of promoting your website and getting enough traffic in your direction as per what their job allows them to do. They analyse it from scratch in terms of how many web pages should be allowed, a certain pattern that should be followed, all is taken care of by the SEO consultants.

However there are certain things that need to be looked into before finalising on the particular SEO consultancy, you need to make sure that you get the best search engine optimization consultancy in hand. Before you narrow down to one of the many that are there on the web, it is always advisable to get a competent consultant on board to explain the criteria of their work and how best they could help you achieve your goals. If not face to face you could keep a track of them through the phone so that they happen to impress you with their knowledge and get the confidence in you that the money that you investing in this particular service would not let you down. Never go blindly by any ones opinions it is best you decide and not the others for you. You need to make sure that you are thoroughly sure about going with a certain SEO consultancy.

The SEO consultant will help you in your journey ahead, when you choose a certain consultancy for the job; they strive to get the best on board for you. they make sure the key word density is sufficient enough to get the user to your website and once they are there the content posted on it should also be well scripted down to appeal the visitor, in such a case the professional consultants give their best shot in bringing about the most original and reliable content for your website.

SEO Consultant – Keyword Knowledge

When evaluating an SEO consultant to hire for your business website there are many factors to consider. One of the most important of these is keyword research expertise. An SEO consultant must have an excellent understanding of how to choose the proper keywords to optimize for your business website. All the time and work it takes to get a site ranked on the 1st page of Google for a particular keyword will all be in vain if that keyword does not bring traffic that converts into sales and leads for your business.

There are 4 primary components to choosing the correct keywords. If you know what they are then you will be able to better screen an SEO consultant that you are thinking of hiring.

1. Relevance

The keywords chosen must be relevant to the content that is on the site being optimized. When someone does a search for a particular keyword they want to find content exactly matched to that keyword. The search engines want the searcher to find this content as well. Either the keywords being chosen for your SEO campaign need to match what is already on your website or the SEO consultant will need to create content that will match the keywords chosen for their relevancy to what services and products you provide.

2. Traffic

The keywords used to optimize your site need to be getting a decent amount of traffic. This might sound redundant and completely obvious, however I have heard of many an SEO consultant choosing keywords that are getting zero to little traffic because they are easier to rank for. This does not include the practice of going after “long-tail” keywords. Long tail keywords get less traffic than major 1-2 word phrase keywords but they do get enough traffic to warrant going after. In general a keyword should be getting at least 100 searches per month.

3. Competition

Keywords that are relevant and that are getting decent traffic should also be chosen for the absence of a huge amount of competition. This will shorten the amount of time it takes to ranked and will lessen the overall cost of the campaign. A good SEO consultant will take this into consideration.

4. Commercial intent

Not only should keywords be relevant, get decent traffic and not have a ton of competition but they also need to have commercial intent. This means that the keyword looks like a keyword someone would use when searching to buy something. For example the keyword “SEO” might be searched mostly by people who are learning about seo. The keyword “SEO consultant” or “SEO services” looks more like the type of keyword that someone looking to hire an SEO provider would use – this is what is meant by commercial intent and your SEO consultant needs to be aware of this.

There you have it, the proper way to choose keywords for an SEO campaign. Make sure any prospective SEO consultant for hire knows how to choose keywords the right way.

Sales Consultants – Independent Consultants Vs In-House Consultants – Which is Better?

Many people, particularly Americans, have lost their precious jobs during the recession. Most of these people are now thinking about the things that they can do that are recession proof. Aside from building your own business, you can also consider sinking your teeth into the field of sales consulting (you must have the needed skills and experience). This is one lucrative job that doesn’t need initial investment.

Before you get yourself into this endeavor, you need to decide first if you want to become an in-house or independent sales consultant. Both have pros and cons. Be sure to weigh them first so you can make well-informed decision. Here are the things that you need to consider:

For in-house consultants:

1. Fixed monthly salary with benefits (medical insurance for example).
2. For your work schedule, you’ll most likely to report to your office from 9am-5pm 5 days a week.
3. You will not have the liberty to choose the projects that you will be handling.
4. You will need to drive to and from your office everyday which can take 1-3 hours of your time.
5. You’ll have a boss who’ll tell you what you need to do and when.

For independent consultants:

1. Salary will depend on the number of your clients. You might not earn especially during the first couple of months until you establish your expertise in this field.
2. It will be your responsibility to promote yourself and your services.
3. You can work at the comforts of your own home.
4. You will have direct control over your working hours.
5. You will get to choose the projects that you’ll work on.
6. You’ll have yourself as your own boss.

Marketing Consulting – 4 No-Brainer Ways to Make Money With Consulting For Marketing

If you are considered a walking marketing guru, you can make hundreds or even thousands of dollars by offering marketing consulting services. The key to boost your earnings is knowing how to improve your sign up rate. Here’s what you need to do:

1. The first thing that you need to do is to position yourself as an industry leader or the best in the field of marketing consulting. I wouldn’t lie about it but doing this can be challenging and it may take some time but rest assured that the end results are rewarding. You must be very visible on trade shows, expos, and online discussions. People must see your name on places where marketing consulting is seen. Your expertise must be sough for by people from all around the world.

2. Be more visible online. As you are a marketing consultant, it’s expected that you know how to market yourself and your services on the World Wide Web. People who are looking for marketing consultant must see your website or your name on top of the search page results. You must also be visible on relevant forums, discussion boards, and blogs. Use article marketing to generate more exposure online. Write articles that are closely relevant to marketing consulting and submit them to sites like EzineArticles.com. It’s important that your articles are highly informative and contain data that only an expert like you would know to easily earn the trust of your target market.

3. Recommendations and testimonials. It would be better if you are not the only one saying that you are the best in this field. Your prospects will surely be enticed to work with you if you are highly recommended by industry leaders and your previous customers. This can happen by simply doing all your best each time you offer your services. You need to give your clients 100% satisfaction so they’ll be extremely happy. By doing this, these people will surely not mind helping you get the word out.

4. Offer freebies and discounts. Years of internet marketing experience has taught me that discounts and freebies are your best allies when capturing the attention of your target market. Offer part of your consulting services for free and give discounts especially to your first time clients. As these people are not yet sure if you are really what they need, it would help if you can give them incentives to influence their buying decision.

Slalom Consulting – How to Become a Consultant

Consultancy is actually classified as a business which offers services. In the service industry, you will realize that the amount of capital required is minimal and actually negligible since you are not buying or selling but just informing what you know best. Consultancy requires you to be filled with knowledge and relevant information about latest trends as well as news about the subject you consult about. This could be looking for jobs, health care or management. You need to be quite proficient and informed in your practice. This is the same with slalom consultancy.

There are a few things or tips that could help you get there and make money quite easily. Here is how to go about it.

To actually get here you need to be well trained and quite qualified to become a consultant. This requires you to be learned and quite well equipped with knowledge and skills to address the issues arising and those related to your consultancy.

You require having an office. This will help you deliver to the people who will be turning to your services. When you have an office, you are able to build a clientele and a reputation. This will build your career as a consultant.

Have a list of contacts. This makes you able to refer cases which you deem a bit complex to you or those require different types of services and information. Often when you are in consultancy some backgrounds will seem complex and you will need to refer such cases to other consultants.

This way, you will be able to efficiently and effectively serve those who need these services.

Why Do We Need Travel Consultants

It’s not everyday that you go on a vacation. Vacations are meant to offer you great memories that last a lifetime and no one wants their vacation to have even a single bad moment. How does one ensure that your dream holiday remain exactly that- dream-like? Whom can you trust to help you plan a perfect vacation that you can’t forget in a jiffy? Who has the expertise to book cheap flights and accommodations for you and avail the best deals and packages on offer? Without any doubts, it’s your travel consultant! A good travel consultant is always detail-oriented, specializes in specific destinations, has first hand experience and knowledge of the places and possesses a deep-seated passion for travel.

Travel consultants are the best source to have custom-made travel itineraries that are planned to perfection. Most travel consultants don’t just book cheap flights for you, they also take care of your accommodation needs, transportation arrangements, restaurant suggestions and reservations, formulate a daily step-by-step itinerary and purchase entry tickets and passes in advance where required. Apart from these, travel consultants also make sure that you don’t miss out on any of the important attractions, sights and hot-spots, and makes arrangements for all your excursions and tours along with private guides. Most travel consultants work by first gathering all your expectations, needs and requirements.

After the initial meeting, a dummy itinerary is drafted which is subject to change according to wishes and fancy of the traveler. Once the expected itinerary is complete, they go ahead with the cheap flight and accommodation bookings. While they strive hard to bring your dream travel plans to reality, you will be continuously in the know of all the updates. A travel packet will be made available to you before departure by the travel consultant. This might include your detailed itinerary, contact information and reservations for hotels, taxis et al, all your museum or transportation tickets that have been bought in advance, custom maps created just for you and a guidebook with helpful travel tips, language travel phrases, cultural info and insider’s secrets to having a blast in the destination of your choice.

The duty of a travel consultant does not just end here! He is available to you at all times during the tenure of your vacation, in case you need a hotel change or a quick restaurant recommendation. Travel consultants are your safest bet in case you want cheap flights and accommodation, a perfect travel itinerary and a unique travel experience that is based on your own budget, goals and travel style!

Consulting Industry – The 4 Major Areas of the Consulting Industry

The consulting industry is basically divided in 4 major areas. These are the following:

1. Management consulting. This is the type of service where consultants are tasked to assess the current effectiveness of the management team of an organization or specific company. The goal is to assist clients in maximizing the use of abilities and skills currently present in the team. It also helps in identifying other talents and abilities that would help to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of the managers. As a result, the organization will create a highly effective management team that can dramatically help if realizing the business’ goals and objectives.

2. Strategy consulting. This refers to the process of identifying direction, goals, and growth of an organization within a specific industry. This type of service is usually provided by the management consultants who have expertise in designing and implementing different types of business strategies. Strategy consultants can help clients in streamlining certain process to maximize their earnings by implementing certain strategies that are cost-effective and highly efficient.

3. Information Technology (IT) consulting. Focus in on making recommendations on using the most recent and most effective technology to help companies and organizations become more efficient and productive. IT consultants provide professional technology advice to their clients like suggesting the use of certain software to streamline particular processes to increase efficiency and to cut cost.

4. Industry specific consulting. As the term suggest, the focus is on specific industry and that can include benefit, healthcare, internet marketing, energy, HR, litigation, sports, organizational, green/environmental, business consulting, etc.